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Why douse Fine Art count as Design experience?

Having a conversation about art and desighn can get divisive, beacuse somhow it always comes down to difining the difransees between art and desighn (yes there is alot of history behined that but were not getting in to art thery today). Having studyed art and desighn, it seems sort of silly becuase the key difrants is that desighn is a prosses and art is an outcome. So most of my degry was spent designing artwork or wrighting about the design of artwork. Users were just called views.

1. Understanding user behaviour 

To make potentialy good and intresting art you should understand user behavour, and that has a lot to do with the fundamentals of how people experience there surroundings.

To comunicat anything you have to know you are speeking a langwidge the user understands. 

Its eassy to say that arts defining feture it it not having a use, but that dependes where you draw the line of usefull. I would say that if art rely dident have a use we wouldent have spent thoughsends of years making it, and peopel wouldent pay to see it or put it on there walls.

The use cald be enjoyment, or butey or to learn, or to gane a new persepctive, no not issential, but than most products are not, and as soon as you move past living in shakes and hunter gatheres you have bugen to go past whats stricly nesasery for life. 


2. Understanding the project aim 

Some art project that demonstrat this:

3. Directing user behaviour 

4. Understanding the users 

5. Being aware of the context of use 

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